Thanks to Llumar premium ceramic window tint, Orlando residents can drive in comfort in style. Fully loaded with advanced, luxury features sure to get your vehicle noticed, and best of all, it’s affordable!

The latest automotive window tint technology by Llumar 

Every single stylish shade is paired with nanoceramic technology. This manufacturing innovation makes it possible to deliver excellent heat rejection, glare control and UV protection that’s completely metal-free, so it won’t interfere with signals from your electronic devices. If you’re demanding and want your car to get noticed, you’ve found your match in ceramic auto tint. Our auto tint starts with components like color stable dye and powerful adhesive. We manufacture to the strictest standards, too. This means adding nanoceramic particles for heat rejection, plus more technology for UV protection and scratch resistance.

Superior Heat Rejection

If your car is parked on an asphalt most of the day or your driving in the warm, sunny Central Florida environment, Llumar ceramic window significantly reduces interior surfaces.

Superior UV Rejection

You and your family can enjoy the sun without worrying about all the harmful effects. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, Llumar’s ceramic window tint is powerful enough to protect against 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

Clear and Easy Connectivity

No need to worry about all your devices being able to connect. Llumar ceramic technology doesn’t interfere with wireless communication.

Custom Style

Whether you want it really dark or barely there, Llumar window tint makes it easy to make your vehicle uniquely yours.

Help Reduce Fading

The sun in Florida is hot and intense. Window tint protects your car’s interior surfaces, upholstery, dash, seats, and even the floor. Keeping your car’s value and looking its best.

Help Increase Privacy

Whether you want to protect you and your family or the valuable you leave in your car, dark window tint can help.

If that wasn’t enough Llumar, “This manufacturing innovation makes it possible to deliver superior heat rejection, glare control and UV protection that’s completely metal-free. Manufacture to the strictest standards, too, adding a ceramic nanoparticle layer for superior heat rejection and doubling up on UV protection, plus including an extra layer for best-in-class scratch resistance.”

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