A shoddy tint job can ruin an otherwise beautiful vehicle. But what makes it worse, it can be difficult to see through those ugly streaks of purplish bubbles. Don’t let this happen to you! 

What separates a bad window tint job from a quality one? The Thrillist explains:

Your No. 1 visual clue: good tint has small, clean edges

To tell if a car has a quality tint, see how close the film comes to the window edge, and take note of how consistent and clean the line is. A top-notch installer uses computerized templates that pre-cut the film as much as possible, resulting in a line that’s close to the edge of the window pane and doesn’t waver.

IMG_6565And purple is the enemy

Only one person could properly get away with purple windows (RIP Prince!), but you’d never know it given the tremendous number of cars on the road with tint that has turned purple with age. It’s an obvious sign that the film is of the most basic quality possible, a vinyl sheet with dyes that fade over time.

Look for tiny bubbles that distort your view

Make sure you check out how clear your view is. Obviously huge bubbles are a no-brainer red flag, but even very, very small bubbles cause distortion. A good tint installer will minimize the risk of bubbles, but if you’ve used a low-quality tint, they can form as early as six months down the road as the adhesive begins to break down prematurely.

High-quality tints aren’t always a dark shade

Don’t automatically assume that a dark tint has the best heat-blocking properties. While the car is in the sun, put one hand directly in the sun and one hand behind the window, so you can feel the difference. Yes, as a general rule, the darker the tint, the greater the heat reduction. Some dark metallic tints will interfere with your cell reception. Seriously.

A lot of films are made with metallic elements — think silver or gold, like an ’80s limo — to help reflect light (and thus heat energy) away from the car. It’s actually highly effective and for years it was the (no pun intended) gold standard… but be warned: it does have a tendency to interfere with things like cellphone and radio reception.

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