We love our cars! Most of us take pride in our vehicles, caring for their appearance and protecting our investment. When you purchased your automobile you loved the color.

Whether it is your favorite color, triggering a happy emotion, or you thought it wouldn’t show the dirt, over time that aesthetic appeal gets dirty!

Everyone wants that showroom shine all the time! That’s when reality hits and the reality of all the hard work to keep your car clean sets in.

What vehicle color is best?

lThe debate over the best car color has been going on for a very long time. Trends change from year to year. This year it happens to be white, silver, black, dark blue, dark gray, medium red and dark green.

“So, you might ask, “Why does color matter?” Like many vehicle features, color plays a role in the residual value of your car. Put simply, today’s popular color will probably make your vehicle more popular to a buyer five years from now.,” Kelley Blue Book.

White, though the most popular car color, is thought to be the quickest to show dirt. But that simply isn’t true. It has been proven, black is the hardest color vehicle to keep clean. The fact is, all dark colored cars are harder to keep clean. Everything seems to show up, from dirt to raindrops, pollen, dust, and smashed insects.

Black and dark color vehicles also absorb more heat, which can be a big issue here in Central Florida. They also fade quicker in the intense sun’s rays.

But the easiest cars to keep clean include different shades of browns, Champagne, and tans. Cars that seem to look good even when they are dirty are silver and gray.

No matter what color your vehicle, it is important to take care of its appearance to keep its value and looking good. The easiest way to do that is to stop by Rite Now Mobile Detailing.

Our professional detailers are able to remove paint imperfections and light scratches, as well as steam clean carpet and upholstery, clean headliner and visors, detail rims, wells, and gloss tires, clean all panels, vents, dash, and console, wipe down mirrors and windows, and wax door jams.

Rite Now Mobile Detailing is conveniently located in Windermere and Ocoee, contact us about our weekly specials.

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