Remember driving your brand new car off the lot, it was beautiful. You loved your vehicle. It was shiny and clean, you swore to keep it looking that way. Washing it on the weekends and not let anyone eat anything in it. What happened?

Life slowly crept in. It may have started with just a water bottle, then some how snowballed into some type of fast food bag in the back seat, a few coffee stains from when you were running late for work, and who knows what that sticky stuff is in the cup holder. Then you noticed a scratch on your door.

Want to get back that new car feel?

A professional auto detail from Rite Now Mobile Detailing is the easy and cost effective solution. Cleaning every crack and crevice, to bring that pride and joy back to your life!

Signs You Need to Schedule a Full Detail for Your Vehicle

Discolored wheels

Contaminates from the road and brake dust build up and lead to dirty wheels. Dark or even black appearance makes your car look dingy. It can also eat away at the clear coat causing it to fail and premature rust. 

Discolored leather or upholstery

If your vehicle has leather seats, it is important to take care of it. Once it starts to crack or crease it may be too late. It should protect the leather with a quality leather conditioner. Upholstery can easily become stained or have a funny smell.  Sweat after the gym, kids after sport practice, and that quick bite after work, they all find their way into your upholstery. 

Check back with us next week for more signs you need your vehicle professionally detailed. Until then, if you want that new car feel, contact Right Now Mobile Detailing for an appointment.

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