The auto detailing and car wash industry has reported a rise in consumer service requests over the past five years. The disposable income available for families and for commercial companies was less five years ago due to the high gas and oil prices. This caused flat growth in early 2010 and 2011. At that time, many consumers were taking on this responsibility themselves to save the cost of hiring professionals.

An industry enjoying an increase in business

From 2011 to 2015, the industry revenue has recovered and risen at a rate of 2.5% to $9.1 billion which is a huge increase. Once the gas crisis was past, the consumer was once ready to again hire vehicle cleaning and detailing services again. In 2015, our operators in this industry are now reaping the rewards and generating a large client base of users.

RiteNow Mobile Detailing, located in Central Florida is expecting our clients to send many referrals our way this year based upon their past experiences which were outstanding, and upon our reputation for fast and reliable service.  Our new mobile website is now available for all end users. We are available to provide services at our shop in Windermere by appointments. We can also arrange to stop by your place of business to deliver car wash or mobile detailing services.  We offer a savings for companies needing multiple vehicles cleaned and serviced. Please browse our new site to learn more about our mobile detailing services.

Stay connected for all things mobile detailing.  Have a great summer ahead.

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