Last week’s blog whet over the importance of cleaning and disinfecting your home as well as your car during these challenging times. We understand just how important it is to kill the germs and viruses on the surfaces in our home, but we often forget our vehicle. 

Often times we forget just our dirty our car can get. We touch the door handle, both on the outside and inside, the car seat, steering wheel, gear shift, even the seats, and floor. All the surfaces in your vehicle need to be properly disinfected, just like your home.

Going through a quick car wash may seem like it does the trick. But just because it looks clean, doesn’t mean it is disinfected. We need to join together to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

We want to ensure all of our customers that we are taking all the appropriate steps to slow the spread. Besides our clean towels and quality disinfecting cleaning products, there are other ways we ensure your car is safe. 

Quality brushes used for cleaning

There are places inside your vehicle a towel just won’t do. This is when we use tiny brushes. Removing dust, dirt, stuck on food, and other debris, disinfecting harmful bacteria in places you can’t even see. Not giving them the chance to become airborne.

Steam clean fabric and floors

We can forget about the fabric on our seats and floors. Our clothes and shoes bring in dirt, grime and also harmful bacteria.

Disinfecting your vehicle regularly will help keep you and your family safe.

The recent situation has brought to lite how important it is to routinely disinfect surfaces. Especially in your vehicle where germs and bacteria can multiply quickly in the heat. 

We encourage you to contact Rite Now Mobile Detailing to make an appointment to have your car professionally detailed.

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