As Orlando continues to tackle the impact of the COVID-19, our hearts at Right Now Mobile Detailing, go out to all those affected by the outbreak. 

As we prioritize the health of our customers and team members, we strictly comply with all the CDC and Central Florida guidelines. With that being said, it is important not to overlook your vehicle as many of us start going back out into the world.

Many of us can’t even remember the last time we cleaned aour vehicle, nevertheless sanitized and disinfected it. We have spent the last month cleaning everything in our house, kitchen, bathroom, all the door knobs, but what about your car.

“Think about all the things you touch only to then get in the car and touch your steering wheel, gear shift, and touchscreen. Actually, don’t think about it, because your steering wheel likely has more germs on it than your toilet!,” according to an article in WCIA.


We use these words interchangeably, but all three of them are different, and it is important to know. Your various cleaning supplies and car detailing supplies will fall into these distinct categories

Cleaning: To get rid of dirt, grime, marks, etc.

Sanitizing: Reducing contamination, number of germs

Disinfecting: Killing all germs

The problem with a car is that we have many different types of materials in it, and the chemicals used to sanitize and/or disinfect can potentially harm the materials in your car, so we have to go about things a little differently. Bleaching the entire interior will kill all the germs, but it will also ruin the plastic, leather, vinyl, wood, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc. as well as the car’s resale value. What may work on hard plastic could damage the richest leathers, some chemicals are good on metallic trim, but not on open pore wood trim.

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