So many Central Florida residents call or email Rite Now Mobile Detail with questions about having their car cleaned or windows tinted. We thought we would share some of them.

Is Auto Detailing Really Necessary?

Having your car professionally detailed in an investment. Vehicles in our tropical environment accumulate many particles that harm the paint. Pollutants, sand, dirt, salt, bugs, intense heat, and even the rain damage the finish. During a detail, fine wax particles form a chemical bond producing a deep shine and protecting the paint. Retaining the value of the automobile.

Is There a Difference Between Washing and Detailing?

Washing a car only removes the contaminants that are loose, such as the dirt and grime. While detailing removes the contaminates that have penetrated the surface, oxidation, blemishes, and etching. It also prevents the deterioration of the clear coat and paint. Try running your hand across the hood of your car, is it rough with contaminants?

I Am Thinking About Selling By Car, Will Detailing Make It Look New?

We get this call all the time. Unless you detailed you vehicle on regular basis, it probably will never have that showroom shine, but have it professionally detailed now will make it have a better first impression.

Polishing out the much of the oxidation on the paint and cleaning up the interior, removing any stains. This way you can get a higher price when you sell it. But to truly keep its value, an automobile should be taken care of inside and out. A great looking car is also more fun to drive.

Do I Still Need To Have My Car Detailed If I Am Leasing It?

If you read the fine print of most leases, you will find out on the return of the vehicle, you are responsible for the appearance. Dull, lifeless paint or stain on the interior, could mean a huge reconditioning fee. It is important to take care of your investment, even if it is a lease.

Check back with us next week for some more question, but until then stop by one of Rite Now Mobile Detailing shops, in Ocoee at 2615 Maguire Rd. or in Windermere at 517 Main Street.

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