Our car is practically our second home. In fact, a driver in American spends approximately 17,600 minutes driving every year. That adds up to seven 40 hour work weeks, according to a survey from AAA Foundation for Traffic.

“In a quest to find out how germy the inside of an average car is, We surveyed 1,000 drivers to see how often people actually vacuum and sanitize the inside of their vehicles. The findings are pretty scary. A shocking 32 percent of drivers rarely clean out the inside of their vehicle — doing so only once a year. Another 12 percent responded that they never even clean the inside of their car,” Car Rentals 

How many germs are lurking in your vehicle?

Car Rentals goes on to say the average vehicle is infested with about 700 different strains of bacteria.

The average steering wheel, which was was found to have 629 CFU (colony-forming units) per square centimeter, was far dirtier than some of the most frequently touched spaces, including:

    • Six times dirtier than an average cell phone screen at 100 CFU
    • Four times dirtier than a public toilet seat at 172 CFU
    • Two times dirtier than public elevator buttons at 313 CFU

In light of the coronavirus, many of us cleaning our homes more than ever. But what about your vehicle? The dangers of the germs and bacteria living in your car are rarely realized. Because of the enclosed space and intense heat, bacteria grow and spreads rapidly.

Unfortunately, most household cleaners can damage the interior of your car.

Most household cleaners are abrasive and are too strong for automobiles. Household cleaners can break down the integrity and discolor a vehicles fabric. They also degrade protective coatings, fiberglass, and gelcoats. Polishes tend to contain solvents and make many materials yellow and brittle

At Rite Now Mobile Detailing we offer hand washing and detailing at our Ocoee and Windermere shops, or we also can come to you, whether at work or home, with our mobile salon. Our mobile trucks are fully equipped with state of the art materials and tools necessary for a showroom quality and clean that our customers have come to expect.


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