No doubt it is how outside here in Orlando! Just getting into your car after it has sat in the sun for just an hour can be difficult. A recent study from ASU and UC reveals your dashboard can reach 160 degrees in that hour in the sun. The same temperature it takes to fry an egg and skin to suffer their degree burns.

Findings of the Hot Car Study 

Researchers used six vehicles for the study: Two identical silver midsize sedans, two identical silver economy cars and two identical silver minivans.

“These tests replicated what might happen during a shopping trip,” Selover said. “We wanted to know what the interior of each vehicle would be like after one hour, about the amount of time it would take to get groceries. I knew the temperatures would be hot, but I was surprised by the surface temperatures.”

For vehicles parked in the sun during the simulated shopping trip, the average cabin temperature hit 116 degrees in one hour. Dashboards averaged 157 degrees, steering wheels 127 degrees, and seats 123 degrees in one hour.

For vehicles parked in the shade, interior temperatures were closer to 100 degrees after one hour. Dashboards averaged 118 degrees, steering wheels 107 degrees and seats 105 degrees after one hour.

The different types of vehicles tested warmed up at different rates, with the economy car warming faster than the midsize sedan and minivan.

“We’ve all gone back to our cars on hot days and have been barely able to touch the steering wheel,” Selover said. “But imagine what that would be like to a child trapped in a car seat. And once you introduce a person into these hot cars, they are exhaling humidity into the air. When there is more humidity in the air, a person can’t cool down by sweating because sweat won’t evaporate as quickly.”

There Are Many Window Tint Options On The Market

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