We keep our home disinfected, but what about our car?? For the safety of our family and loved ones it is vital to clean and disinfect our vehicles just as well as our home, especially during these challenging times. Ensuring all the door handles, steering wheel, seats, car seats, seat belt, console, and even the floor, of your car are sanitized can make all the difference.

But When It Comes To Our Vehicles Do We Follow The Same Course Of Action We Take In Our Home? 

Rite Now Mobile Detailing sterilizing products, wipes, clean towels, and disinfectant sprays, so we can help slow the spread of not only the Coronavirus, but other germs and bacteria that make us sick.

Many of us forget about just how dirty our car can get. Whether we wear gloves in the store or not, we touch the car’s door handle, both on the outside and inside, the car seat, steering wheel, gear shift, even the seats, and floor. All the surfaces in your vehicle need to be properly disinfected, just like your home.

Taking your car to the local car wash facility may not be doing you any favor. They use the same rags and cleaning supplies over and over again. Which means the bacteria on the last 20 vehicles are now in your car! Spreading fluids and germs that make us sick. A clean car does is not the same as a disinfected one. 

How Does Rite Now Mobile Detailing Disinfect Your Vehicle?

Our professional detailers understand the importance of the situation. We know to sanitize a vehicle with the proper disinfectants and cleaning products. Here are just a few ways we do it.

When it comes to cleaning the interior of a car, clean towels are a must! While it may seem obvious, not all detail shops do it. To avoid spreading germs or viruses, a new microfiber towel should be used. All the surfaces on the interior should be wiped down Twice with a quality disinfectant cleaning solution. The first time will ensure all the fluids, dirt, and other debris is gone. The second, with a new towel, will ensure the surfaces are disinfected. 

Check back with us next week for more on how Rite Now Mobile Detailing can keep your car clean and safe for your family. Until then, contact for an appointment.

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