Love bugs are on their way! More than just a bother, these insects can be a nightmare for car enthusiasts in Orlando. If not removed promptly, the guts can damage the paint and bumpers. The acidity from their small bodies can etch into the paint. 

When you add in the heat of the sun, these small creatures can cause big problems, the acidity burns into the paint. 

It is best to be proactive when it comes to love bugs and other contaminants. According to Popular Mechanics,

“Much of what you think are stone chips are actually bug guts left on the paint too long. Unfortunately, that quick car wash doesn’t do anything to remove the residue left behind by these insects, causing holes in the clear coat.”

It is important to inspect the outside of your vehicle, walk around it and really look. Because according to Popular Mechanics, bugs are not the only assailant. 

Road tar: The simple car wash does little to the tar and black pavement kicked up by vehicles and sticking to yours. With all the construction going on around Central Florida, no one is immune to this sticky substance which is made even worse with our intense heat.

Oxidation: A chemical reaction, typically from the pollutants in the atmosphere and the sun, with the pigment in the paint on your car. It can leave even the nicest of vehicles dull and dingy. To restore your car, it takes more than a run through an automatic car wash.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just want to retain the value of your vehicle, your prized possession is a big investment and needs to be taken care of beyond just washing it on the weekends. Washing, waxing, paint restoration, and meticulous detailing can be a tough job to tackle without the proper products, equipment.and of course time!

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