How dirty is your car? It’s amazing how quickly things accumulate in your vehicle. You try and clean it as often as you can. We clean our house on a regular basis, do the dishes every day, sanitize the bathroom, make our kids wash their hands before eating.

How Dirty is the Interior of your Vehicle?

But, what about your car? Do you think twice about how many germs are on the inside of your vehicle? You work and shop, then get in your car placing your hands on the steering wheel, you change the radio station, and turn on the lights. The kids get in the car after school, sports, and have a snack. So, how dirty is your car?

It is Dirtier Than You Realize!

“The average vehicle has approximately 283 different types of bacteria in every square centimetre, according to a study from the Aston University in Birmingham. The study was led by Anthony Hilton, the university’s director of Biology and Biomedical Science,” according to an article in Health 24 Live a Great Life.

“The gear stick was said to be home to approximately 356 different germs, while your boot, where you normally place all your groceries, contains about 850 bacteria.”

Would you eat off a toilet seat? That’s how dirty the average dashboard is, it can make you sick!

The dashboard is exposed to food and other debris. You put your lunch up there just for a minute while you get situated, kids put all sorts of stuff on it, combined with our central Florida heat, it doesn’t take long before these germs and bacteria start to grow by the hundreds. Then you turn the air on in the car and they become airborne.

According to a recent study by GAP Enviromicrobial Services, a vehicle had consistently has 17000 times more bacteria than a home and the average cup holder has 228% more bacteria than a toilet seat!!!

Lets face it, we treat our vehicles like an extension of our home. When was the last time your car was really cleaned? Stop by Rite Now Mobile Detailing, located in Ocoee and Windermere, and have your vehicle professionally cleaned.