Though tinting your car windows may not seem like a very big deal, it can go a long way in protecting your vehicle and in saving your live and that  of your loved ones.

Window tint comes in a variety of different shades, thicknesses, and styles, typically composed of Polyethylene Terephtalate. They provide several benefits including beautification, security, privacy, UV protection, and safety.

When professionally installed, Llumar window film can even help save a life.


rWindow film operates as a deterrent- Several studies show that would be criminals are discouraged from breaking into a car if they can’t see what is inside. There were over 8,000  auto burglaries just last year in Central Florida, and that number is expected to increase in 2018.

For example, if an offender can’t see your purse or laptop on the passenger seat when you are sitting at a red light, having tinted windows means you will be less likely coming face to face with the threat of someone robbing you and your family.


Window film reinforces the glass. As the film bonds to the glass it makes the window more resistant to breaking or shattering. When it comes to an auto accident or intruder, this could be life saving. For instance, an intruder will be less likely to gain access if they try to break the window. Or if you are involved in a car crash, without debris and shared glass flying around, injuries can be greatly reduced.


Window film can also protect you and your family from the not so obvious dangers. Though we don’t think about it much, the sun’s rays can cause significant damage, especially in our tropical environment.  Harmful UV rays not only causes skin cancer, it causes serious eye ailments. The American Academy of Dermatology warns, over 50 percent of skin cancers in America occur on the left side, because it is exposed to more ultraviolet radiation through the window when driving. Window tint can block up to 99 percent of the UV rays coming into the car.

Window film does so much more than make your car look great

Want more information about getting your car windows tinted at a great price, contact Rite Now Mobile Detailing, located in Ocoee and Windermere.

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