For decades, auto window tinting has been very popular, especially here in Central Florida. Not only does it make your car look amazing, it gives you privacy and reduces the heat entering your car, making it cooler and more comfortable.

Thanks to the latest technology at Llumar, new ceramic window tint for cars come in a variety of colors. “There are also many options for window films. You don’t have to go really dark anymore just to reject the heat. New ceramic films are nearly invisible yet reject heat just as well as, if not better than, other films,” The Southern Tech Savvy: Automotive Window Tinting.

Not All Auto Window Tint Are The Same!

Just because you drive by a shop that says they apply window tint doesn’t mean it’s a quality material or they will do a quality job.  It is definitely worth doing your homework. A bad window tint job can easily ruin the aesthetics of your gorgeous vehicle with fading tint, bubbles, and failing adhesive.

“Llumar nano-ceramic tints are the most state-of-the-art automotive film on the market. The film provides a non-metallised, non-conductive ceramic technology with maximum ultra-violet and heat rejection. It also features scratch and corrosion resistant properties and excellent optical clarity.” Muscat DailyI

Why do you need your car’s window’s tinted?

Having the window’s tinted will keep your car’s interior cooler, reducing the need to blast your A/C, which saves money by improving your gas mileage.

Enjoy a safer ride, from reducing the stress of driving in the blinding sun and the glare of headlights when driving at night.

Blocking the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can help prevent the interior of your vehicle from fading.

Protect yourself and your passengers from the health risk associated with exposure to UV rays

Protect your personal belongings inside the vehicle from unwanted intruders and privacy for you and your family.

Don’t Settle for Bad Window Tint, Not Only Does it Look Bad, Your Car Will Lose Its Value and Removing Poor Window Tint is Tedious and Costly.

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