Orlando’s harsh sunlight is known for destroying vehicles – dulling pristine paint, leaving plastic dashboards cracked, fade the interior leather, breaking down the toughest parts of your car. Not to mention how unbearable it can make your car feel. But, there is an easy fix, have Rite Now Mobile Detailing tint your windows. 

“Tinted windows can make a world of difference for any vehicle. Whether you’re looking for increased comfort, fewer prying eyes, or simply like the look of tinted windows, applying even a slight tint can be a smart idea. Tint can be applied easily, and it can give you a customized level of darkness that keeps your belongings and gear inside obscured from prying eyes. No matter how light or dark you want to go, a single layer of window tint delivers plenty of benefits,” TheDrive.Benefits of Window Tints

TheDrive reveals the benefits of auto window tint

Cooler car interior

Tinting your side and back windows will help keep you from scorching temperatures inside the interior of your car. The added bit of darkness will limit the amount of UV light getting inside, and that helps your car’s interior stay a few degrees cooler than it would otherwise. This is particularly helpful if you live in a warm region or frequently park in bright sunlight all day long.

UV-light blocking

A window tint will lessen the number of UV rays getting inside your car. Not only does a tint keep the sun from heating up your car, but it also reduces the damage UV light can cause. You won’t have to worry as much about sun-caused issues like fading, cracking, and interior damage thanks to the increased protection — and shade — you’ll get from a tint.

Less glare

Bright, harsh sunlight can make it challenging to see clearly. As illuminating as it is, that light can also create glare. Fortunately, window tint can cut down on glare thanks to its increased darkness. While tint that’s too dark can obscure your visibility, a nice light-to-medium tint will help cut down on glare.

Increased privacy

One of the biggest benefits you’ll get from window tint is an extra layer of privacy. Window tint makes it more difficult for passersby to peek into your car; by darkening them, you’ll obscure gear, passengers, and more. It can help prevent wannabe thieves from catching something appealing sitting in your SUV’s cargo space or your sedan’s backseat.

Improved fuel efficiency

Who knew changing your car’s windows could help you get more miles out of every gallon of fuel? Because window tint helps keep the interior of your car cooler, you won’t have to run the AC as high or even potentially as often as you normally would. As a result, you can drive with slightly improved fuel efficiency.

Cool exterior style

Applying window tint can make your car stand out on the road and when it’s parked. Tinted windows look great, and they can be applied in different thicknesses or levels of darkness to suit your own personal style. If you’re looking to really make your car turn heads, you can go as dark as the legal limits allow.

Ceramic Film 

The best ceramic tint features ceramic particles that are non-conductive. It performs very well and is the newest type of tint on the market. It blocks up to 99 percent of UV rays, reduces glare more than other types of tint, and does not fade. It keeps your vehicle at the desired temperature and does not interfere with electronic signals; however, it’s more expensive than other types of tint.

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