We are living in a crazy times, keeping yourself and family is safe is a high priority. Taking those steps to disinfect and sanitize just about everything. But what about your car. When was the last time it was really cleaned?

Your vehicle can be a virtual breeding ground for germs and have the potential to harbor illnesses and viruses. We’ve become more mindful of how often we wash our hands and often we wash those “hot spots”, such as our phone. Often times we forget about our vehicle, how many times we touch the steering wheel, door handle, touch screen, seats, and everything else. 

The carpet is a whole other story. Where ever your shoes have been is in your vehicle’s carpet. It happens, no matter what you do to avoid it. From mud when it rains to contaminants, they build up in your carpet, and they don’t come out with just vacuuming.

“The average vehicle has approximately 283 different types of bacteria in every square centimeter, according to a study from the Aston University in Birmingham. The study was led by Anthony Hilton, the university’s director of Biology and Biomedical Science,” according to an article in Health 24 Live a Great Life.

Which is why having your vehicle professionally detailed is so important. But that’s not all, preserving the appearance of your car and protecting its resale value, is also important. And let’s face it, how much better does it feel when you are driving a clean car, inside and out.

Having your car professionally detailed in an investment. Vehicles in our tropical environment accumulate many particles that harm the paint. Pollutants, sand, dirt, salt, bugs, intense heat, and even the rain damage the finish. During a detail, fine wax particles form a chemical bond producing a deep shine and protecting the paint. Retaining the value of the automobile.

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