Having your vehicles window’s tinted is pretty much a necessity here in Orlando. The benefits are numerous, It protects the interior of car, upholstery, carpets, and dashboard. Keeps your vehicle cool, so no matter how hot it is outside, you can still sit down as soon as you open the door.

Window tint block 99% of the harmful UV rays of the sun, safeguarding you and your passengers from prolonged exposure. It also, reducing blinding glare and painful eye strain, protecting your privacy, and it makes your car look great!

“Even if it is a comfortable 60 degrees outside, a closed-car interior can reach 100 degrees on a sunny day. Even on a mild day at 73 degrees outside, an SUV can heat up to 100 degrees in ten minutes and to 120 degrees in just 30 minutes. At 90 degrees outside, the interior of a vehicle can heat up to 160 degrees within several minutes.” according to Accuweather.

Window tint blocks the thermal rays of the Central Florida sun. Reducing the temperature inside your vehicle by up to 60 percent.

But how much will it cost to have your car’s windows tinted?

Keep in mind, the cost for window tint for automobiles can vary due to the quality of tinting film, type of car, and the experience of the dealer. If you want your car to look amazing, go to the professionals at Rite Now Mobile Detailing.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can try the Do It Yourself films, but they are still going to cost you. They tend to be delicate, erratic, and lack in quality, so you may end up with faded purple window tint with bubble, crinkles, and creases. Don’t forget, it takes precision and skill to apply window tint.

Going to a professional

According to a recent article in Popular Mechanics, some dealers charge around $500 just for labor, on top of the cost of the film.  A professional will be able to help you choose how dark you want your windows. Just make sure you choose a company that guarantees their work.

At Rite Now Mobile Detailing we use the top quality window tint by LLumar,  not only will it make your car look great, it is durable, able to withstand our environment, and last for years. Best of all, we are affordable! 

Don’t Miss Out on Rite Now Mobile Detailing Special

With every vehicle having 4 door window tint will get a free car wash or visor strip!  Contact us today for more information or stop by our Ocoee or Windermere shop.