Rite Now Mobile Detailing is proud to serve the Orlando area. We love keeping vehicles here in Central Florida looking their best! We offer great prices on quality work and weekly specials! 

We understand it’s not easy to keep up with your car, like who has the time or energy? That’s where Rite Now Mobile Detailing steps in to help. We have several services, so you can pick which one your vehicle needs. 

Here are a few questions we get from our customers. 

How much does it cost to have my car washed or detailed?

We get this question asked all the time. It is important to understand, we are all about the details. Not like a drive thru car wash that typically causes small scratches in your vehicle’s paint. Instead, our express wash includes hand washing your automobile, removing bugs, dirt, and any pollutants. Clean rims, wells, and gloss tires, vacuum interior and the trunk, wipe down dash, console, and cup holder, as well as clean all windows and mirrors. We also make your car smelling like new. But if you don’t need all this or require more, we can customize a package to fit your needs. 

Do you shampoo carpets?

Not only do we shampoo carpets, we clean headliners, steam clean upholstery, clean and condition leather and vinyl. We also repair and dye carpet and upholstery. 

My son spilled milk in my car and now it smells, can you get it out?

It can be tricky to get out protein based spills, such as milk. It is important to take care of any spill as quickly as possible. When the spill soaks into the padding underneath the carpet it can make the process more difficult. We use a product with an active bacteria that consumes the protein until all the protein is gone. To ensure the odor is eliminated, we spray on a neutralizer. They attach to the molecules that are causing the odor. 

Check back with us next week for more questions answered. Until then, contact Rite Now Mobile Detailing for all your auto detailing needs.

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