We take pride in our car and want to keep it looking like new for as long as we can. But here in Orlando, there are a lot of contaminates and hazards that can easily diminish the appearance of your vehicle. 

Here are a few tips from CarWash to help keep your automobile looking like new:

Regularly wash it

wash-a-car-1822415_1920The best thing your customers can do is regularly wash their vehicles. Over time, it’s easy for the exterior of a vehicle to become dirty. It could be from pollen in the air, mud splashing up from the ground or people smudging it with their hands. Whatever the reason, a good washing at a professional carwash can get rid of most surface contamination.

Vehicle owners should always take their vehicles to a professional carwash or detailing service, since the chemicals, wash materials and processes used are all precisely monitored and measured to provide the safest, most effective cleaning.

Professional detailer difference

If there are any imperfections on the outside of the vehicle, a professional detailer is likely needed. Detailers know the best ways to remove these imperfections, such as scratches or dents. While there are at-home products customers can use, these don’t always work, especially on larger problems. These imperfections will keep your customers’ vehicles from looking like new as long as they exist, so make a plan to get rid of them.

Take care of the interior

Having a car that looks like new is about more than just the exterior. The inside also needs to be taken care of, so that when customers are driving around, they feel like they’re still driving new cars. A good way to clean the interior of a car is simply by using a vacuum.

Establish rules

Finally, vehicle owners should establish some rules for their cars. For instance, they could require that passengers wipe their feet before getting in. Another rule is to disallow eating or drinking within the vehicle. Eating and drinking often lead to stains or crumbs, so the less drivers and their passengers do it, the cleaner they’ll keep the cars. It’s not always possible to keep to these rules every time, but the more vehicle owners can stick to them, the better.

Your vehicle is a big investment, whether you’re a car enthusiast or just want to retain the value of your vehicle, taking care of it vital. Rite Now Mobile Detailing is family owned and operated locally since 1994.

Our professional detailers are highly trained and are dedicated to perfection, we use quality products, proper technique, and clean tools, to obtain that new car shine, inside and out.