We all want a clean and shiny vehicle, but did you know it also has excellent health benefits? When you think about how many potentially harmful germs, bacteria, debris, harmful irritants, and just icky materials are lurking in your car. Just the thought can make you feel ill.

Molds and Mildews

It doesn’t take long in our hot and humid environment for mold to grow. Even if you can’t see them, there are mold spores in your vehicle. Water from wet shoes, condensation from a beverage, spills, rain water, even the towel from the gym, makes your car a breeding ground for unhealthy mildew and mold spores. Paving the way for a multitude of health issues, nasal congestion, eye irritation, lung infections, asthma, respiratory irritation, and allergy symptoms.

Outdoor Pollutants 

Outdoor pollutants are everywhere, from all the construction to toxins lurking in the air. They end up soaking into the fabric or leather in your vehicle and the carpeting. While you can’t see them, they affect the health of your family. The best way to keep you and your family safe is with a professional auto detailing.

Dust Mites and Dander

You can’t avoid it, flakes of dead human skin and tiny mites crawling in your car. What happens when they aren’t properly removed? They just keep building up, Gross! According to WebMD, “One piece of dust can contain pet dander, pieces of dead cockroaches, and mold spores, along with dead skin and dust mites.”

Clear Headlight Shine Brighter

Your headlights are exposed to all the outside elements, wind, rain, pollution, construction and road debris. Headlights become dirty and clouded, making it difficult to illuminate the road.

The Best Solution 

Bring your vehicle by Rite Now Mobile Detailing and have it professionally cleaned. We have the right products, equipment, and an experienced team to safely remove the pollen and leave your car protected. Our products loosen the pollen by encapsulating and removing those stubborn prongs. Then we apply a quality coat of wax that leaves behind a slippery surface that pollen prongs won’t even want to stick to.

We can help you fight the battle against pollen and other destructive elements by stopping at one of Rite Now Mobile Detailing shops, in Ocoee at 2615 Maguire Rd. or in Windermere at 517 Main Street.

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